Monday, June 30, 2008

Super simple painting project

My turn for the super simple project. Almost embarrassingly so.

Anyway, I am helping my little sister move her two year old son into their current guestroom in order to have room in the current nursery for the new baby, a girl. My mother is in charge of girlification of the current nursery. It's gender neutral, but leans a little heavily more towards boys than girls (lots of blue).

I took over my nephew's room. It's been pretty fun but it's really hard to design a room that's 1000 miles away! The basic idea is to go with a sports theme. The main colors for the room are blue, red and brown (more like beige).

With those few facts in mind, I just did a few quick craft paintings on cheapo canvases. I wanted to keep a symmetrical look to the room (and "art) so I bought these little 10"x10" canvases for $3.88 each at Walmart.

For the actual painting, I used a basic acrylic craft paint. I painted the canvases the background colors I wanted (if you are ever painting a field of red paint, prime your white canvas with a nice light gray paint first and your red will be more true...I learned this fact the hard way after 6 coats of paint that still wasn't red). I then found images of the sports balls that I wanted online and sized them to be the basic same size. Consistency is the key, even in simple projects. Especially in simple projects.

Because I lack a gene that allows me to draw a circle perfectly, I traced the outline of the balls onto the canvas using transfer paper. I love this stuff. After getting the image onto the canvas, I just carefully painted on the colors. It took a while for me to get everything just right but it turned out okay. A little boring, but once these are on the wall I intend them to be, it should make a good statement (pictures of the wall to come...if it works out!).

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