Monday, June 23, 2008

Sunday Sunset Soiree

Hey everyone!

So last night I put together a little soiree for my apartment building in order for the tenants to all kind of hang out on our fabulous deck. It was fun. Almost everyone made it but one couple, who had a previous commitment.

Because it is summer, I wanted to go with a cold finger food sort of theme. I knew that my people limit would be 7, so I knew I wouldn't have to make enough food for an army, which I did anyway because I always imagine myself eating all the food. I also wanted to have some fruity summer cocktails as it would still be light outside and a bit warm on our deck.

The first appetizer I made were these baby blts. They were really good, but for some reason (the tomato scare?) I was the only one to make a considerable dent in them. Oops! I would definitely make them again though, but preferably at an indoor party because, although they didn't go bad, the mayo in them turned a little darker than normal after a very short time.

The second little snack was a spinach dip (cold) served with an array of fresh veggies. This spinach dip is super easy to make but a bit bland. I would definitely add a little somethin' somethin' to it, although I'm not really sure what...I would have added that dry Italian seasoning stuff, but you'll see that my next finger food already had that in them. Anyway, I also served bite size tortillas with the spinach dip and that was as fantastic as dipping the veggies in the dip.

Lastly, I made cucumber toasties. These little treats are tasty! I did NOT add the dried dill to the top of them because I forgot! Doh! But they were gobbled up by everyone. I first made these in the summer of 2004. Yup. I remember. Silly. I haven't made them but once since that summer (I took them to three parties...yeah back when I went to parties!!).

Along with the three recipes I gave you, I also sliced a fresh pineapple (Man, it was so good!), fresh watermelon (not so good - not very ripe), and chips and salsa.

For my summer themed cocktail, I made slushy watermelon mojitos. These drinks are just darn right yummy. Everyone loved them, including myself. They were very fruity (although not so much as they could have been due to the underripe watermelon) and just had an overall nice balance of tastes. A most excellent, refreshing summer drink!

Although I took ZERO pictures of the party, I could post the aftermath of the kitchen, but I don't feel like showing you all my dirty laundry just yet...maybe a few posts from now!

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