Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fun Birdhouses!

Mom and I have been hitting all the local flea markets and junk stores for general JUNK. We got this idea for me to hang little bird houses on my screened in porch wall for color and funky fun!

Of course, you could buy a finished bird house at any craft store for $15 or could also get an unfinished bird house for $5 or so.

OR, you could be a junk store junkie and find some old and dirty bird houses at the flea market and junk stores for 50 cents - $1.50 and paint them yourself!

That's what I did!

I don't have any before pictures because I completely forgot like a silly goose. At least I remembered to take AFTER pictures!

Thus far, I have finished 3 of them and am working on a 4th! I'll post pictures after I'm done!