Friday, February 5, 2010

It's a hoot! - Felt Camera Case

I needed to figure out a way to protect my brand new camera! The reason for the new camera was because the old camera, after 5 years of pure torture, finally bit the dust after it made contact with a concrete floor. Therefore, it became obvious that the need to keep the camera well padded and safe were high on my list of camera priorities!

I decided to make a prototype camera case because I couldn’t decide what to make but I wanted to do something with my hands. I chose some leftover wool felt from Colleen’s purse. I cut out one single piece of felt and simply folded it over. I rounded off the two sides of the flap that would cover the opening, where the closure snap would go to give it a softer look.

Then, I made a HORRIBLE decision to add the embellishments after I stitched the bag closed. Like I said: prototype.

I used a blanket stitch to close the sides of the bag. If you are like me and have never done a blanket stitch, I would suggest practicing a couple times. It’s easy but a little confusing at first. Go here for instructions on how to do a blanket stitch. I used all 6 threads of the embroidery skein for the stitch. In a contrasting color to make it pretty.

After completing the blanket stitch, I added the snaps to the bag. This is where I discovered that I had cut the bag a little too small. Once again: prototype.

I made a little owl that Jono named Oliver to put on the front. Overall, he was put together with felt and fabric glue with only 2 threads of embroidery thread in a running stitch on his cute, tiny wings.

I also made a couple of felt flowers held together with fabric glue and a contrasting button as the center of the flower.

I added the flowers and the owl with fabric glue. Then, this is where my stupidity kicked in, I decided to add some flower lines using a contrasting back stitch.

Anyway, here’s some pics of the finished project. I will be redoing it in a few weeks to make it a little bigger and to add my flower and owl embellishments BEFORE I stitch the sides together.

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