Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday Candle Arrangment

Mom and I went to a bunch of holiday open houses the first day of deer season. Apparently around here, it's the thing to do!

We saw a TON of great ideas. Us being us, we took some pictures of our favorites and decided to make some of them.

Today's project for Mom was the candle arrangement we saw at one of the floral shops. I'm not sure how much it cost in the store, but considering that it can be used year after year, it's final price to DIY is much cheaper! And so easy!

box or tray
candles in various sizes

Mom didn't have a tray on hand and around here, without any kind of Hobby Lobby or Michael's, when you do find a tray for sale the price is somewhat outrageous. We found a shiny green box for $2.99 at Alco. The actual box was too deep but the lid was perfect. We chose green to offset the color of the red candles. You can buy an unfinished wood tray from a craft store and paint or decoupage it.

Some of you may even have Holiday trays around with Santas or what not on them! Use those!

Mom hit both Dollar Tree (everything is $1!) and Walmart for her candles. All in all, she spent no more than $2 for each of them, even the bigger ones! She used candle holders she already had for the tapered candles. She arranged these on the tray to her liking.

Next, we took advantage at our setting in the country and took a drive around the farm and along the back roads. We found a good collection of dried, yet still red, sumac and pine sprigs we snipped straight from the trees. Mom then took some fun sprigs and sumac and arranged them around the candles on the tray.

Finally, for additional color and bling, she added some of the glittered pine cones I had decorated earlier in the evening.

We think the final look is much more exciting than the version in the store!

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